Our Behaviour and Anti-bullying policy is underpinned by the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum.

It is applied consistently so the best possible standards of teaching and learning are achieved. Bullying and discrimination are not tolerated.

We use assertive discipline with a clear system of rules, rewards and sanctions. These allow us to reward positive behaviour and intervene when behaviours contravene whole-school ‘Golden Rules’.

Children are rewarded for positive behaviours and Golden Time is given at the end of each week when children can choose games and enrichment activities as a reward for good behaviour.

Behaviour is tracked weekly, so we can see trends in behaviour and can intervene quickly if necessary. More extreme contraventions are recorded as ‘severe clause incidents’ and parents and carers are involved at an early stage.

Data about behaviour is available to share with children and families, if concerns arise, or to demonstrate pleasing improvements.

Children respond well to being involved in such reviews and meetings can be set up with class teachers, learning mentors or the Lead Behaviour Professional, should families have any concerns about their child’s progress at school.

Please note: in exceptional cases where the rules, rewards and sanctions approach has proved ineffective, or where health and safety is at risk, a child may be excluded.

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