Pendarren 2016 - Day 3

Got up at 7:30am. This time there were no early risers and the bell woke us all up. We had our cooked breakfast, which consisted of bacon, beans, toast and cereal.

We got kitted out in waterproofs for the river study, but before we set off we met up in the classroom for a chat about the water cycle and how rivers are formed and the course some take from source to the sea. 

We got into two mini buses and set out. After a drive we found ourselves on top of a mountain looking for the source of the river. The ground here was waterlogged and felt like a sponge. There were standing stones. We continued our journey, stopping at key points to investigate how the river started to get wider, stronger and deeper. 


We stopped for a picnic lunch at the cave system. We had to wear hard hats with torches on before we got to follow the river underground into the dark and watery caves. Capri summed it up when she described feeling nervous at first and even sick, but she felt good (even great) after it. Keke pointed out that he learnt it was possible to face his fears by going into the pitch black caves.

We took turns to lead the way in different sections of the cave. It was so dark we could not see our hands in front of our faces when we turned the torches off. We were brave enough to take on the Letter Box Challenge and the Waterslide. Hannah was one of the bravest and took on every challenge. 

Before we left the caves, Mr Agutter showed us a mud pool and told us the local Este Lauder beauty company source their mud packs there. He convinced some of us to try the mud for ourselves so we could look beautiful… Ummm. Not sure if he was telling us the truth!!! 

After another short hop on the minibus, we stopped again and walked for 15 minutes to the place the river formed a beautiful waterfall. It was a tricky climb down to the water's edge but after slipping and sliding we got to dance under the waterfall and some of us got a bit of a dunking. Jenaye felt really proud of having a go especially as she was so unsure about walking through the waterfall and Jacqueline described how she felt amazing, knowing she was able to take on new things even when they felt really hard. Leah said she felt really happy that she had the chance to carry out the activities because she now felt braver.

The walk back to the bus was hard, as it was uphill and we were now soggy. Back in the bus we were soon changed and drying off nicely. The hot showers were very welcome back at Pendarren House. Our evening meal of steamed fish or vegetable pie with curry sauce, followed by apple pie and custard, really hit the spot.

In the evening after lunch, we played bingo. Mr Joliffe was the caller and prizes were on offer. Ms Bartlett called to have an update and then we headed off to bed for some much deserved rest. It really was an action-packed day.