Pendarren 2016 - Day 4

We slept well overnight and it took us a while to get going today. After hash browns and eggs, toast and cereal we got organised for activities.

Group 1 went off to Big Pit Coal Mining Museum this morning and Group 2 went to do high ropes. We swapped over activities after lunch, so we both completed the same activities. 


Oliver loved going into the coal mine at Big Pit. We went down in the cage to the bottom of the mine shaft and were shown what conditions were like for Welsh miners. It was not an easy life. We also visited the museum above ground.

The high ropes were very popular. While getting harnessed, Hannah had to check the instructor was tying the knots tight enough, but it all worked out well. Oliver’s advice for surviving high ropes was to meditate while dangling!  For Monty, climbing to the very top of the high ropes was his greatest achievement. He thought he was going to fall but he made it across. Malachi jumped off the traverse rope and also felt very proud of himself.

We spent time reflecting on our week’s adventures this evening. Canoeing and high ropes were both amazing highlights for Meri. Shawn enjoyed this too but thought squeezing himself through the letter box in the caves yesterday was the coolest activity of the week.

Alina’s abiding memory was how muddy Wales can be. It is true the weather was a challenge this week but we fought through wind, cold and torrential rain and will return to London hardened by the Welsh weather.

As a special treat the Pendarren staff cooked us a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and crackers. Lili declared tonight’s dinner was the best meal of the whole week. We felt very festive. 

Tuck shop was another treat tonight and then we had to start packing for our return. According to the staff, this may be the greatest challenge of the whole week!!!

We must have an early start tomorrow because we have to get everything in order before our trip to Abergavenny in the morning. Then it will be back on the house for our farewells and onto the bus. We cannot believe how quickly the week has gone.