In 2014, we developed a new curriculum tailored to our children’s needs and reflective of their interests.

Our overview map ensures that our curriculum is broad and balanced,  preparing our pupils for life in Britain in the 21st Century. 

Themes are allocated to year groups and elements of the 2014 National Curriculum programmes of study fit into these themes.  

Cross-curricular reading and writing, mathematical problem-solving and scientific enquiry are built into the themes so that children have the opportunity to apply and refine their knowledge in new contexts, developing mastery. 

Our staff, parents and pupils really value social and emotional literacy as well as intellectual, artistic and physical development. By focusing on enquiry and skills-based learning, we can develop our children’s higher-order thinking skills, communication skills, independence and the ability to problem-solve. These are skills for life. Above all, we seek to engage and motivate the children to develop a life-long love of learning.

A 'big question' at the start of each theme is devised with the children, plus we build in exciting enrichment activities, such trips to museums and galleries, concerts, theatres and places of interest.

Sports coaches, musicians, actors, authors, the travel team and emergency services are just some of the many visitors that we welcome to the school.

We look for ways to develop enterprise and reinforce global, national, community and family links. At the end of each theme the children will revisit their 'big question' and take part in a celebration of all they have learnt.

The children still benefit from discrete literacy and numeracy lessons, with some areas still needing to be taught separately e.g. phonics.

Religious Education is taught in line with the Haringey SACRE agreed syllabus. We use the resources of the  SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning)  programme to support our teaching of PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education).

Effective speaking and listening skills are the building blocks for later learning, so we constantly build in opportunities for meaningful communication and collaboration.

We are an Artsmark school and so we seek to develop the children’s creativity explicitly and by teaching other subjects through the arts where appropriate.

Children in KS2 are taught a Modern Foreign Language – Spanish.

Children in Y4 receive weekly whole class instrument lessons, learning to play the violin or the guitar.

In addition to Physical Education, which is taught each week, Y6 children benefit from weekly swimming lessons, undertaken taken at the local leisure centre.

There are also many extra-curricular sports clubs on offer to the children both during the school day and after school.


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