Healthy eating

Our Healthy Eating policy recognises that good health is vital and healthy eating can influence physical, mental and social well-being. Our staff help children understand the role of healthy eating in achieving good health. We have achieved ‘Healthy Schools’ status. Healthy eating is addressed through cross-curricular links, discussion and whole school projects.

At part of the Healthy Schools Initiative, the school provides free fruit daily to all children from Nursery to Year 2. Children may bring a healthy snack, e.g. fruit or vegetables, to school for morning break. Other items such as sweets, crisps, biscuits etc, are not allowed.

Drinking water is available throughout the day. All children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily: these are stored in their classrooms and are easily accessible at all times. As well as water, milk is provided every morning for children in early years.

School meals

Our lunches are prepared and cooked on the premises using fresh produce whenever possible. Nursery and Reception children are supervised while eating by their teacher and nursery officers, while a team of school meals supervisory assistants supervise children from Years 1 to 6.

Meals are nut free and no pork or beef products are used. Strict guidelines are followed.

These include:

  • Reduced fat, sugar and salt
  • Increased fibre
  • Wide range of salads and vegetables available daily
  • Tinned fruit in natural juices
  • Fresh fruit and yoghurt available daily

We have a three-weekly menu offering a choice of three main meals, including a vegetarian meal, fish options and a range of salads and vegetables.

Cheese and crackers, fresh fruit and yoghurt are available daily as an alternative to the main dessert of the day.  

Children are encouraged to exercise their knowledge of healthy eating when making choices. We encourage families to let us know if children have any special dietary needs and welcome any suggestions that may improve service.

The cost is £2.10 per meal payable weekly, half termly or on a full term basis. If you are in receipt of benefits your child may be eligible for Free School Meals. Application forms for free school meals are available from the office.

Packed lunches

We ask that packed lunches are put in labelled containers (preferably a cool bag). Hot food in flasks can be brought in during spells of cold weather.

Cold drinks may be brought in, but not in glass containers or cans for safety reasons. We do not allow nuts, sweets, lollies, chocolate and fizzy drinks on health grounds.

Any uneaten food is returned in the children’s packed lunch boxes so the parents and carers can be aware of what the child has eaten whilst at school. Water is always made available for children to drink.

If you wish to change from school dinners or from packed lunch, we need one week’s notice in writing.

Home dinners

Children going home for lunch should be collected at 12pm from the school office, as they will not be allowed to go home alone. They may not return earlier than 1:05pm for the start of afternoon class.


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