Our Attendance policy recognises that there is a strong link between attendance and good attainment.

We expect children to attend 95% of the time, in line with government and local authority expectations. We will work hard with your family so your child obtains the greatest benefit from attending our school. We also reward children who attend well and arrive on time.

If concerns arise about attendance or punctuality, you will be notified in writing. We will meet with you to agree how to improve the attendance or punctuality of your child. If our interventions and support do not bring about improvements, we will seek the advice of our Educational Welfare Officer.

We need an explanation if your child is unable to come to school . You can do this in person or by telephoning our attendance hotline on 020 7272 4539 and selecting option 3 to record your message.

If you do not contact us, the absence will be marked as an unauthorised absence. The school and local education authority will follow up persistent or unexplained absences.

In exceptional circumstances, limited pupil leave of absence may be authorised at the discretion of the Head Teacher. Written requests will only be considered well in advance, or you may make an appointment to discuss the matter with the Head.

Please note: if you do not request leave before you take time off, your child may be taken off roll.

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