Ofsted Report

The most recent Ofsted inspection took place in February 2013.

The school was rated 'good' in all areas.


Inspection Summary

Ofsted reported that pupils make good progress and achieve, because they are taught well in all classes. By the end of Year 6, they reach standards which are above average in reading, writing and mathematics.

Teaching is good and some is outstanding. In the majority of lessons, teachers show that they expect pupils to do their best and to behave well.

Pupils from different groups, including disabled pupils and those with special educational needs, make good progress. This is because their needs are understood and they receive good support.

Provision in the Nursery and Reception classes is good. From starting points below those typically expected for their age group, children make good progress.

Pupils receive good advice on how to improve their work. Teachers’ spoken feedback and written comments are acted upon by pupils and this secures good progress. The marking of written work is of particularly high quality.

Behaviour is good, both in lessons and around the school. Pupils feel safe, have positive attitudes towards school and genuinely enjoy learning.

The school is led and managed well. The headteacher has successfully improved the quality of teaching and attendance to above average. This has led to improved results.

Governors know the school’s strengths and weaknesses. They provide good support and also ask demanding questions to make sure the school keeps on improving.


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