Renaisi Bilingual Advisers

Renaisi Bilingual Advisers work at Stroud Green Primary School to support families with English as an additional language.

Hinda Hashi (Somali) and Semra Sahinoglu (Turkish) are available every Thursday to help with:

  • 1 to 1 support, interpreting and signposting
  • family support for home-school issues
  • bilingual family learning
  • coffee mornings and workshops with speakers
  • celebrations and school events
  • Click for Renaisi website

Examples of recent projects include the Bilingual Storytelling Project and Bilingual Maths Booster Club, as well as special coffee mornings focusing on family support services and women's health.  

A weekly drop-in ESOL class has just started, and look out for Culture Club which celebrates the many different cultures and languages at Stroud Green - coming soon!

If you would like to talk to Hinda or Semra, or want to get involved in our work at the school, please contact:

Hinda: 07625 598494 -
Semra: 07525 598 496 -


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