Safeguarding and child protection

We take the welfare and safety of children very seriously at Stroud Green Primary School. Subsequently, we have implemented a range of policies that relate specifically to Child Protection and how we support our Looked After Children.

Other policies support our commitment to keeping children safe:
Learning & Teaching
Special Educational Needs
PSHE and Citizenship
Drugs Education
Sex and Relationships Education
All other policies

Our policies focus on the contribution that a well-thought out curriculum makes to the creation of a listening ethos - and how we are able to empower children, young adults, parents, carers and staff.

We are very keen to work in partnership with families and will always endeavour to consult with parents and carers first about any concerns we have regarding a child’s safety or well-being.

However, please also note that in a situation where a child might be at risk of harm, we may need to discuss our concerns with the appropriate outside agencies before discussing our concerns with families.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead at our school is the Deputy Head, Jo Bartlett. Jo can be contacted on 020 7272 3505.

The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead is the Assistant Head/Rainbow Nursery, Pauline McLoughlin. Pauline can be contacted on 020 7272 4539.

The below resources may also be of use to you and your family...


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