School day

Start of School

KS2 at 8.50am
KS1 8:55am


8.50am to 9.00am

Morning breaks

Rec, Y1 & Y2: 10.30 to 10.55 am
Y4 & Y5 - 10:15 to 10:30 am
Y3 & Y6 - 10:40 to 10:55 am


Nursery - 11:30 am to 1:10 pm
Reception - 11:45 am to 1:10 pm
Y1  to Y6 - 12:00 - 1:10 pm

Afternoon break

KS1 only - 2:15 to 2:30 pm
Reception do not have formal playtime in the afternoon but have uninterrupted access to the outdoor environment.

End of school

All children -  3.15pm

Drop-off & collection

At the beginning and end of the school day, we ask parents to wait in the playgrounds. This helps staff get to know families and we can develop good working relationships between home and school.

If there are any changes in collection arrangements (e.g. you are delayed or another person is collecting your child) please let us know in good time so we can avoid any misunderstandings.

Active travel

We promote active travel at our school. Therefore, we encourage families to walk and cycle to and from school wherever possible.

There are lots of benefits: it’s healthier than travelling by car, it improves the safety of pedestrians and road-users, and it respects nearby residents and parking regulations.

If you really do need to travel by car, please consider parking a few streets away and walking the last part of the journey to minimise congestion. If you do park outside the school, please park wisely and do not park outside the school entrances.


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