The school has a first aid room on the ground floor of the main building. We have two members of staff whose main responsibility is the welfare of the children.

On-going health conditions that have been diagnosed by a doctor - for example: asthma, allergies etc - can be supported by our school welfare team.

Permission forms must be completed by both the doctor and parent/carer before medication connected with these conditions can be administered, or their administration supervised.  

The Haringey School Health Handbook outlines the borough’s position, that welfare teams should not administer short-term medication such as antibiotics.

If a child is fit to attend school, but continues to need medication, the parent or carer may come to school to do so. It is important to note that these medicines cannot be kept at school for health and safety reasons.

Members of the welfare team are always on call to discuss any problems or issues surrounding children’s medical conditions.


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